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23 February 1961
I like fanfiction. Spander/Spangel preferably. And all those manips of Spike/James Marsters..... Sigh.
A nightperson and working shift, so thats a good match. Sleeping is a waste of time but You have to do it, I don´t have time for that.

Pets all over my place, dog, cats, fish..
Photography takes a lot of my time,both the actual snapping the photos but also editing them. Photoshop is fun!

James Marsters is the best, I was in London in october 2005 on the Word& Music events + the other 2 conserts.

Long Beach, California, for JM & Friends in September 2006 was the next event. I had a premium ticket + stayed at Queen Mary for 2 nights. It was really worth every penny, 15 hours flight and the jetlag when I got home.

Spring Fever (in May 2007)was the next event. Had tickets to all events, up front and all.By this time I´ve got my new DSLR Nikon D80 camera,yey! Won the photo competition at JMLive after that.

Was in Cardiff and The Celtic Blues Event and Concert in November. Had a blast, met some new people. It just gets more and more fun every time.

Was in London for The Waterfall Tour in April/May. Used my photocompetition price: "Early entry and bring a friend", for the Union Chapel concert, dragged my sister with me. Had my second Nikon with me, the D300.

And last week it was time for the Marsters Class event + 2 concerts in London. It just gets better and better. And another Nikon this time, D700 and this rediculously long 70-200 mm lens. Wonderful combination. Great in low light, which we had plenty of. Only used flash at 100Club, red lights in that place. What do they think of? Even the lights at our local biker club is better, sort of...

And I became a James fan because of the Dresden files. NOT Buffy ;O) Waiting for the 3 new audiobooks now. 30 hours or so of James reading. Nice...

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