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Feb. 5th, 2010 05:34 pm London day 1

Day started nicely with me catching the wrong bus. Discovered it in time though, so I got to the airport.And to London without problems.

Notting Hill Hotel is pretty disgusting. Filthy rooms with thick layers of dust or something thicker hanging everywhere.And the moldy hairballs in the bathroom drains. And the lovely view is a brickwall 1 meter away. Checked out 4 rooms until I found a pretty clean one. Unfortunately on the 4th floor and guess what, the lift is out of order ( and seems to have been for a looong time) Lets see what we get for breakfast tomorrow! There's a Starbucks round the corner luckily.
Had a 12x18' James pic ordered and paid for at Snappy Snaps at Notting Hill Gate, to get signed on Sunday. And guess what, the printer broke down. No 1 hour delivery there... I hope the weekend doesn't continue like this. And shouldn't I get a discount for the delay? Didn't like the staff either, The Queendway and Marble Arch people are much nicer.

But TukTuk's thaifood was yammy as usual! And I found a Internet cafe :o) Waiting for text about going out with some folks tonight, but I need coffee so might very well go to Starbucks and then back to my filthy hotel to read that lovely book about Dewey Readmore Books, the library cat. Found it at the airport in Stockholm.

See 'ya tomorrow!

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Dec. 14th, 2009 02:12 am Writer's Block: Voulez-vous parler ...

Which language(s) do you currently speak? If you could learn only one other language, what would you choose, and why?

I speak Swedish, Finnish, English and some German. I also understand Norvegian and some Spanish.
If I could learn only one more language it would be Portugese, sounds just beautiful!

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Nov. 4th, 2009 01:15 am Going for tickets.

Damn, I envy all people going to Hallowhedon. While I´m working. So I decided to try to get tickets to both the London and New York Valentines events. If I get a good seat I´m off.

 Can´t wait for Sunday and more info.

And hopefully I have time to work extra before February.

Might do a quick trip to London, back home for 3 nighshifts and then off to USA. Cheaper than hotelnights in big cities. If my sister joins me for New York I might do a few days of touristing. Don´t sound too fun in the middle of the winter so if I´m travelling alone I´ll head home ASAP.

Back to boring work. We have a hell here. And in 2 hours it´ll get even worse. I really need something fun to look forward to. Like 2 Jamesy days and lots of photos to edit :O)

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Sep. 13th, 2009 03:13 pm OWWW!!


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Aug. 24th, 2009 12:17 am Puppy photography is dangerous!

Who wouldn´t like to stuff one of these supercute babies in the camera bag and bring home? I fell in lurve with the little runt, Freija.

Cuteness alert...Collapse )

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Aug. 20th, 2009 02:37 am Happy Birthday, James!

It´s the 20th August today. And our James is turning 47... Wow!  And he ages so beautifully!
Read more...Collapse )

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May. 12th, 2009 02:56 am Wanna make captures to my Marsters Class pics?

Read more...Collapse )Have fun... And thank You, Sky for finding the scripts for me!!!

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May. 7th, 2009 10:55 pm ONLY one night to work

Last night shift for this week, then 5 days off. I´ve been really buzy with work, meetings, a photoshoot yesterday evening and such rot.  But tomorrow morning the 5 days off work starts. Can hardly wait.

I browsed through mu 100Club pics tonight and made a little list of the ones I´l like to edit to start with. I guess I´ll have to do the same with the rest of the events, so I don´t just roam around. Lists are good ;O)

And I have tooth ache. Third day in a row, lets say it´s disturbing. I hate dentists more than tooth ache.

Jill send me some pics from the pub after Union Chapel. Jean and me playing with her lord Piccolo, I tried to drown him in my ale... Hey, I was sober! Piccolo is evil, kills sea kittens and all...  And some pics from Spaghetti House Saturday evening.  Thank you, Jill!

So, tomorrow I´ll sleep in, take a looooong walk with Bonnie and start on the London pics for real. The touristy ones, too.  And unfortunately I have to fix the fashionshow pics. There were some nice ones there. A 90 kg´s model in bikini and such. LOL! She is so damn cool. But the clothes... NAH! Boring, most of ´em.

Well, back to my Turn Coat, the new Jim Butcher novel. And the work thing...

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May. 4th, 2009 11:29 pm Almost done with the important stuff

Yey, my computer is rattling away the last files to the external HD. Then I can start messing up the pics. There will be something up in the galleries in a couple of hours...  Just listened to James new "Cowboy song"  Yep, still got all goose bumpy ;O) I´ll have to make a mp3 of it for my iPod.

Have to start "working", backups are completed.
-2950 photos.
-2200 of them from the Jamesy events. Those should last a few weeks/months...

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May. 4th, 2009 07:17 am London day 5. And 6 I guess

Too sore to hop away to Queensway for prints, so I spend the morning writing yesterdays report at the internet cafe.
Got the tube to Tottenham Court Road and joined the queu at 2 o'clock or so. Not too bad, parhaps 15 before me. I ended up behind a shoerack and had a nice little corner for my photogear and stool. I love that claptrap, really saved my poor knee last summer. Skyprague and Bluehourmagic joined the queu and we had a good time chatting away. got to O2 Plaza for some photomagazines to read. There were a "Laughing Class" in the bookstore! It was some kind of annual "day of Laughing " yesterday. :O)
The queu grew, and we weren't supposed to block shop entraces or windows, so it reached around the corner and down the block. Veryy orderly I say. I think we got in on time, no mad rush, wonderful. Got kind of good spot, except some big hairs in the way.
Tha lights were the worst possible, like worse than Borderline last year. RED this year... Sigh. BIGGER sigh ( and lots of cursing in 5 languages)  I used my flash, for the whole concert. That damn thing is awful, flashes when it feels like. Missed half of the "moments" because it wasn't ready. Mooore cursing. But I got some. Some very nice ones too.

The concert was great, we got a whole new song, "The Cowboy-song" according to James. Not properly named yet I guess. I got goosebumps all over when he sang it a capella. Just bloody marvellous I say. And he had the lyrics written down, did I say it was NEW ;o)  So that one was worth the crappy lights and all.

Have to go and check out from my hotel now  and off to Heathrow. If there's Internet  terminals I might continue in an hour! Or at home tonight... and I haven't checked the spelling. Sorry!

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May. 3rd, 2009 09:25 am London day 3 ...and 4

Oops, kind of missed the opening hours on this Internet cafe. Well:

Up early, walk through Hyde Park, snapped heron pics and some... Natural History Museum, I was there before opening. Snapped pics of the building and all wonderful details around the building. Checked out minerals, dinosaurs and had lunch. But hey; I prefer my animals life and breathing, I get all sad watching those poor dusty stuffed ones at museums... :o(  NOT my thing. The Zoo is better.

Had some lunch at the museum, loading up for 5 hours of queuing. Got to UC at 2.15 PM. Only 20-30 before me in the queu. Nice. Dawn sat next to me in the queu and the 5 hours were very short, lot of stuff to catch up since last spring. Skyprague came next, really fun to meet her!
Hi, Sky if you see this!!

Well, got just the seat I wanted, second row ( you get that shelf for hymnbooks to stack your batteries and memorycards into :o)  ) to the right by the isle. Thanks Spikesbabe for keeping the spot for me!  Oh, I got the coolest pen from her, she had one of my Spring Fever pics printed on it. Niiiice  pic...

Got pretty pics of our man. And some Gareths, too. Got the colours just right this time, preset the WB in my camera, should do it more often 'cause it saves a lot of time in the editing.

James was really good, no mistakes on the guitar, no broken springs either. Audience went wild at usual when he finished, I think the church will need the floors replaced soon because of all stomping. So he gave us 3 more songs in the encore. I guess he run a bit short of time, we had to be out of the church 10.30 and the warmup's took some time.

Well, White Swan afterwards. No food, they stopped serving at 10. Ale and chips had to do and I was my usual pleasent one browsing through my photos... I cropped and saved some jpg's for printing, 'cause yes, the lights were just right this time...

We run late and the tube had stopped when we got to Kings Cross Station. A little adventure to get back to Paddington and my hotel in the middle of the night by bus. Got a sightseeing around half of London! And I tucked my CF-cards in my pockets, if someone would mug me I still had my pics left. You got to have your priorities set right! Right? And the camera is insured. Got to bed at 3 o'clock. Pretty knackered I'll say. That backpack weighs like 10 kg's. Or more


The loud Spanish neighbours across the hall woke me at 7. Is it impossible to speak Spanish without shouting? I just ask...
Well, couldn't go back to sleep so I hade some more jpg's from UC and checked out the gear and recharges all stuff. Breakfast and off to SnappySnap at Marble Arch. I was hanging on the lock when the guy came to work. He recognized me from last spring and let me fiddle around with the pics on the big 'puter before printing them. Had a huge cuppa coffee and cheesecake at Starbucks when I waited. "Recharging" myself too for the Marstersclass.

Pics turned out really nice and my big print for the autograph session was MMMM... :O) Took a taxi to DrillHall, I was runnig a bit late. Well, they let us in a bit late and started even later. Photo op's first and we watched a new, better quality tape, of Teechers on the big screen. Nice memories from Queen Mary...

I got my stuff ready and was a bit worried 'cause the stage was really dark. Steve told me they would crank up the lights when James got on stage. But I couldn't get the WB right, strange red lights. Put it on Auto and have to fix it at home.

Well, got my piccie with James ( and I refused to let go of my camera so it's in the pic too! It's so right I think! ) Got one nayghty pic of James with the lady after me in the queu, but no big paparazzing this time.

I guess the Marstersclass was next. My seat sucked as I thought, but I sat on the floor by Jill and ended up on the side of the stage at the end. Got some nice ones of Gareth and James. They were just hilarious. Gareths coffeepot warm up and the bad acting specially... And I got all those old Spike faces, James still got 'em!
That was the hightlight of the trip I'll say!  I'm sure there will be lots of great reports when everybody gets home!

Autographs next, big crowds snapping pics of James signing, snapped a bunc too. Of course I did... Jill got one of my UC pics signed and pointed me out for James. When he looked into the camera with this funny face I just jolted ( as usual when I get one of those right on looks), and got a very nice blurry smily pic of him. Any other time I would have deleted it, but this one... HELL NO!  And he told Jill my pics were great. Last year at the Rift he was going through my paparazzi pics from Cardiff, those with Gareth and him, and he really liked them. So maybe he wasn't just polite this time?

Well. I was almost last in the autograph queu and got my big pic signed. He said " Wow, that's a great pic" and when I told it was from the night before and straight from the camera 'cause I didn't have my 'puter with me, he had another closer look. "Really great". I hope I get some pics from that signing, Lou snapped some with my camera, Jean (Greysunrise) and Bluehourmagic had snapped some too. That's kind of the problem when you're the one with the camera, getting this kind of pics of your self... I love the ones Lou snapped  at  The Rift last year, James laughing and pointing at the photos of him and Gareth arriving to the Rift.

The autographs kind of run late and the Q&A was only around 30 minutes. But there were some new good questions. Stephen, Salchii, started with the "Were you a boxer or breafs guy before going commando. And when and why did he throw his undies. Answer: Briefs, 17 years old as a teenage revolt against mum and "'cause it was a bit naughty". That's so James. LOL!!! So there will be good reports, I have a short memory...

An hour break before the concert, I was last one out from the hall, had to get all my stuff with me and lets say it's not easy to fit everything into the backpack... Had a cuppa coffee at Nero across the street, fixed my gear for the concert and backup'ed the pics.

Concert started a bit late and why the hell don't people get into their seats in time? That's so rude to come late and disturb everyone, specially when you're carrying drinks and sitting in the middle of the rows... Morons.

Well, we had this little backup-plan for the day: Hawera, from CDS and such, who is a real live angel, said she could switch seats with me so I could get my pics. She had like the best seat in the whole hall. By the isle to the right in row A... I have a fan :O)  BUT Plan A was that I was sitting by Jill, on the stairs in the isle. IF someone would chase me off, the plan B was the Hawera-me swithching seats. And let me just say I was much less nervous when I knew that. And I would have been feeling very bad if Hawera had to sit up on row E. But I got my floorpics. And a lot of James looking straight into the camera.

The lights were shifting, they had these red and yellow spots that went on/off all the time. I had the WB on auto most of the time, let's see what I can do in Photoshop to get the colours back . Didn't look too bad though. A brown eyed James is kind of pretty too... And there were enough of light for a change, didn't have to crank up the settings to max. Got better shutter speeds and even turned up the aperture a notch or two...

I'm a multitasking person, so I sang along, tapped the beat with my feet and snapped pics. Great concert. And great big pain in my neck. Ouch! I'm runnign out of Ibuprofens.

James was so damn good again. Playing was flawless and he didn't miss many notes... AND I had to move down my monopod on the stage 'cause of the stomping! I thought the whole seating construction would collaps, they probably heard us from the street! 6.0 on the Richter scale I say...  There was one thing missing both here and at UC; no "No Promises" That's kind of my favourite song. I don't think he will do that one at the 100Club today either. I can  only hope.

The evening ended at Spaghetti House, I guess there was a posse of 25 James fans or so. We filled up half of the 3'd floor of the restaurant. Had a nice camera chat with one of the fans, I can never remember her name. American and she has a Canon 5D... I remember the camera! Bwahaha!!! And I met her last year, too. Me and names... I'm so ashamed. I always remember numbers, names are another thing.

I caught the last tube tonight. No night sightseeing by bus, thanks God for that. And I got to the hotel after midningt. Got to bed around 3 again.

Today I slept in 'till almost 8 o'clock. I haven't decided if I'll go to Snappy Snaps and make some prints or to the queuing adventure at Oxford Street. The cops would only chase us off, not arrest us, right? Don't wanna be in the slammer tonight! There's a James to see and hear.

I'm not sure I'll be on the net until at home tomorrow evening.

Hopefully I get the Marsterclass galleries started at PBase tomorrow night, but I have to be a good girl and backup everything to the computer and HD's at home. And that will take some time. I have 28 GB's of pics so far. And probably another 6-7 tonight. IF I get a good spot and don't drop from the standing. In Cardiff I spend half the concert crouching on the floor with my head between my knees 'cause I didn't get any blood to my head. And everything were blurry rest of the time too. Autofocus is nice on the cameras, just point at the moving target and hope it's James and not someone in the audience!

Over and out, this was long...

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Apr. 30th, 2009 04:40 pm London day 2

Thanks for all comments! I didn't realise someone ( exept a few) read it!  I'm having a great time here.

Thursday  April 30

Slept for 9 hours last night. I was pretty tired ( and had fish &Chips for dinner, anyone would fall into food-coma after that!) Had the alarm on 7.30 and was out on the streets before nine. No time to waste here! Serious touristing for 2 days!

I've been to British Museum, Tried to find a new camera strap, didn't find a good one. Picked up my Drill Hall ticket, but they didn't let me in to the venue for a peek. They dont have a raised stage but the assured the veiwability was great from all seats. Or else they have to give james a box to stand on! We'll see. Lunch at Big Burger,photographed The Gurkhin from the outside, the bar at the top is only for people working there. Grumble...

Visited St Pauls Cathedral. But I didn't go inside because photography wasn't allowed. That sucks much! Had a cuppa coffee in the Crypt, nice place with the tombs around! And a nice loo, they're won the "Loo of the Year" award it said on the wall :O) St. Paul's pee-worthy you could say.

 Then I walked over Millenium Bridge and strolled to London Eye along South Bank. Zig-zag'd the "other way around" than last year.Nice grafitti under Blackfriars Bridge and some nice street musicians. Tried some new angles for London Eye pics, I guess they suck!
 There were a demonstration outside the Parliement, had to snap some pics. And lots of tv-cameras at the Parliement-staff entrance, too. Don't have a clue about what, but I had to stay a while and check out the tv-teams.The reporter looked familiar and the guy he interviewed , too. Names? Not a clue! What a boring job, filming politicians. Looked like they mostly were waiting... I prefer James and my usual stuff!

Well, back to the Internet cafe by my hotel. I think I'll get some take away food for dinner, pretty tired after 9 hours of walking! Indian food tonight? We'll see...

Funnier report tomorrow, 'cause there's a James guy I'm going to see. SQUEEE!!! But I can't post photos I guess. If not someone have a laptop with WiFi I could borrow! Wink, wink ,nudge, nudge.

See some of you tomorrow. And a very late report if the Internet cafe still is open when I get back from UC.
Over and out from London.

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Apr. 29th, 2009 08:04 pm London day 1

Well, got here at 9 this morning. Just left the luggage at the hotel and grabbed the cameras and headed for Kew Gardens.
Had a great day , 400 pics or so. Some nice ones, too. Now I'm at the usual Internet caf'e to check my mail and such.  And my Mastercard doesn' t work. Great. Luckily I have my Visa too but I wasn't going to pay the hotel with that. Grumble... Calling the creditcard company tomorrow and ask what the f___k they're doing.

Don't know what to do tomorrow, maybe Docklands, maybe the Zoo? But now I'm off to bed, didn't sleep at all last night so I'm pretty tired. And someone had turned up the heating to max in my room, it was like 40degrees C there. Left the window open, I hope it has cooled down a bit now.

Something to eat,.shower and bed. More boring news tomorrow.

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Apr. 21st, 2009 03:45 pm Ready for London

Well, now I´m just waiting for next Wednesday when I´m off to London and Marstersclass and the other concerts.

Here comes camera rant:

If you like cameras...Collapse )

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Mar. 28th, 2009 07:26 pm Hallowhedon?

Oh, oh

I´d really like to go to that. Nicholas Brendon and James at the same event :O) That would be something. I´m working that weekend, as usual on James-stuff but I guess I can have a few days off.

Have to think that over, though... That´s at least  £500 with hotel/flight. There´s this wideangle zoomlens I was planning to buy. James or lens? Hmm...

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Mar. 3rd, 2009 04:56 pm My new baby arrived today...

The new camera is here!!! A Nikon D700.  Only the best for James-photography!  I´ll take it to work tonight and test the high ISO-settings.

Read more here: imaging.nikon.com/products/imaging/lineup/digitalcamera/slr/d700/index.htm

It looks almost identical to my D300, but this one has FX, full format sensor. D300 is DX. It´s good to have a extra camera-body, don´t think both can break on the same trip? And they use the same model of batteries and CF-cards.

And I grew out of my big backpack again. Ordered a Think Tank Airport Addicted V.1. I can fit ALL camerastuff in it + it´s the right size for carry-on luggage on most airlines. And a metalwire+ padlock to secure it if you can´t keep an eye on it every second.

Got it for half the price, bacause there´s a new version 2 on the market. And paid it with the money I got for the bookcover I sold. 

Here´s the link for the backpack,version 2: www.thinktankphoto.com/ttp_product_ArprtAddctd.php 
Hmm, I´m not sure if I´m strong enough to lift it, but that´s another problem...LOL! It should arrive this week too. New shiny toys, love ´em!!!
I have 3 camera backpacks ( different sizes depending on how much junk I need), a camera-bag that´s pretty handy sometimes and my beltpack when my shoulders are too sore for backpacks. And I need them all.

And when you don´t want people to see you are carrying a camera, a plastic bag from Tesco/ ICA ( my local grocery store)  is the righ thing! Very cheap, too!

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Feb. 27th, 2009 06:30 pm Got a ticket

After 70 minutes of dialling the box office number ( on 2 phonelines simultanously) I got through and got a ticket in 5th row, centre.

I so hate this ticket hassling for James events. At lest no queuing for this event.
Don´t know if I can get any decent photos from 5:th row. The venue doesn´t look that big though.
Well, long queuing to the other concerts I guess. Which I also hate, rather be touristing for a few hours.

SO, if I can´t get decent photos these will be my last James-events.  I hate this waiting for ticket releases, not knowing if I get a decent seat ( OR have to stand for hours).
And there are always nice pics from the events anyway, I can stick to the pets, zoos and flower photos I guess.

And save lots of money... Will decide after the May events.

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Feb. 27th, 2009 01:19 am

Happy Birthday, ukchrisp 

Good hunting for the Marstersclass tickets today! And may we not be stuck in telephone queu for hours and crash the box office swithchboard. As usual...

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Jan. 11th, 2009 03:55 pm Yey, sold a pic!

Sold a photo for a bookcover. Nice, eh?
Will be released in May I think.  Well, in fact they picked out 2 photos, but I don´t think they will use more than one.

Now I have this BIG project ahead...

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 01:40 am Merry Christmas Everyone!

A smug James, from the Borderline concert  for Christmas...

There´s a bigger one in my PBase: www.pbase.com/uih/image/107354084/original

I can´t go to the Valentines Day thing in New York. Sucks to be a responsibel adult sometimes, but it´s just too expensive for one day. If it had been in the spring/ autumn I could have made a holiday trip of it, but in February? Nah. SO I just hope he comes to UK in the spring/summer. Collectormania in Milton Keynes is in June, I have the week before that free. AND the week after...

COME ON!!! Wanna test my new shiny lens on a concert... A Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR that is. And a 1.7 teleconverter.
Works on dogshows, don´t think James bouncier than an terrier... LOL!

2 Valentines Day  tickets left this afternoon, row F seats 8 and 12...  Someone who had been to that theatre said there weren´t any bad seats there.

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Sep. 20th, 2008 10:38 pm More James´s from Celtic Blues

2 more


2 x James from Celtic Blues concertCollapse )

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Sep. 20th, 2008 03:22 am Working on old James´s

No new JM concerts in Europe in sight. Damn!!

SO I´ve been comforting myself with some re-editing and  just editing of James pics. Self-pimping on high level follows...Collapse )

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Aug. 2nd, 2008 02:23 pm Smurf James´s to work on

I was fiddling around with the Borderline pics again.´Cause they kind of pisses me off.

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Jul. 16th, 2008 04:44 pm Helsinki holiday

I´ve been in Helsinki for 4 days. Touristing and the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Olympic Stadium. Which by the way was just great!

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Jun. 8th, 2008 07:15 am Bug day?

Cooler weather in the forecast. I hope they´re right, want to go out and shoot bug-pics after work.

Molle, the sacred birma cat was in the best in show-finals yesterday.

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Jun. 5th, 2008 04:12 pm Last day off for this time

Waiting for the next cat to blow-dry. Helping my friend to bathe her 2 sacred birmas for a catshow.
 They are working on their last certificates to Europa Champions, so we have to get them in "top show condition".  
Molle, the male looks good. Fia, the female is in the shower right now. 

I got some nice pics from the dogshow at the local dog club on Saturday. Uploaded the last pics to PBase yesterday evening.  127 pics, easy to edit because it was outdoors in daylight. Wish the concertpics were that easy.

I´m editing photos from Borderline at the moment. Decided to go for black/whited for now. Might try to save some colourpics later, but it takes a lot of time to get them right. Almost done with the Q&A pics, then the concert.

Found a new location with my favourite insects, the striped shieldbugs. Got some pics yesterday, but I haven´t uploaded any of them yet. Now I have to get a bunch of pics from the papermill for our 50-year jubilee ( and then they shut the machine down next winter, a bit of mixed feelings here!)

So I have a lot to do, but no time. Job starts tomorrow morning. Crap! 

Fia is clean, time for the dryer now.

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May. 30th, 2008 02:11 pm No pics today

I set my alarm and all this morning so I could go down to the stream to snap pics of the bugs that usually make new bugs this time of year. 

Learned that they are feeding and just chilling out in the morning. The porn starts in the afternoon... Got some pics, but nothing special. Have to make a new visit on Sunday afternoon.  I hope the horses grazing just next to the place don´t eat the plants the bugs like. Then no porn at that place. BUT I have another location, too... Just in  case. 

Brought the camera to work and the boss says I´m in charge of the dryer-section today. Moron, he could have told me yesterday so I didn´t drag the camera with me. But I´ll probably sneak away a while in the evening and get some photos anyway. Thy guys promised to give me a photo-break, helps to whine...

 I don´t like their boss, he´s one of those mumbling persons who never looks you in the eys when speaking to you. I´ll be a bitch today...

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May. 29th, 2008 09:52 pm Finally new avatar

Ha, only took me 3 years to make a avatar of one of my own photos. I like smug James. Cheeky James started to get overexposed here at LJ... But Smug James is just mine, mine ,mine! LOL! 

Ok, thats all for now...

No, by the way: Going to a dog show on Saturday. Just a small one with 180 dogs of 63 different breeds, but it´s next to home so that´ll do. And I get a free ride there and they´ll feed and water/serve coffee to me...  And I´ll snap dog-photos, LOTS of dogphotos... 


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May. 23rd, 2008 06:40 pm Photo-hat on!

Had a wonderful doggie-walk today, with Bonnie and my camera. And it´s warm and sunny so the strawhat got in use, premier for this year. I so hate sunglasses, the colours are all wrong... But my straw-hat from Oceanside, California is just the right solution. And I always get in good mood wearing it, very nice memories of JM & Friends and the 2 weeks in South Cal... 

And it makes people smile: Me and Bonnie crawling around in the ditches photographing!

I think I got some nice photos, have been editing/uploading some of them to PBase. 4 so far, but I´m gonna do some more before heading for work. 3 nigh-shifts ahead. Had the camera with me to work yesterday, but didn´t really have time to snap many pics. And I don´t like the ones I got.

On Monday morning I´ll start  my 11 days off, but I´ll have to work 4 "fill-in" shifts. The people I´ll work with are very healthy, so I should be extra = Have time to sneak away and snap photos. 2 early morning shifts and 2 evenings. I´ve been planning on some sunsets from the rooftop, we´ll see if I´ll get those pics. Would be nice, ´cause the view over the bay is beautiful. The problem is that the sun doesn´t go down until 9-10 in the evening, the shift ends at 10 PM. I guess I´ll stay a bit late then! If it is sunny... You never know.

Nope, time to fix dinner, feed the critters and then some more pics to edit, I have a nice bright yellow spider from today! Six eyes and angrily waving with the frontlegs at my camera. And the photos are sharp...

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May. 21st, 2008 06:10 pm Fit photographer

Did this "health-profile" at the clinic at work today. Looks like I´m in great shape for a old hag...  Like topresults for someone my age. And the only excersise I do are the doggie-walks and carrying around 8 kg´s of camera equipment some days. Who needs gyms with a hyper-active dog at home?

And I had 7 photos published in our local ad-paper this week, 25 000 households gets the paper. Very cool...

Snapped them at  the fashion show the week before my London-trip. I was testing the camera settings in poor lights at the show, including the cameras built-in noise reduction. (Which I didn´t like, the pics looks very "soft") But it was better to test it at home than on the concerts, right?

 Anyway, I didn´t need the photos for anything special so I burned a CD and gave it  to the people arranging the show and said they could use ´em just as they pleased as long as they credited the photographer (moi!) And yesterday I had half a page in the paper... And the pics looks good, you could think I knew what I was doing! LOL!! At the next show they´ll let me in before the crowds so I can chose a good spot for photography... 

Good day so far, and I uploaded 16 more pics in PBase yesterday.

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May. 20th, 2008 08:36 am The GOOD thing with work

There is one good thing with my boring job: I have time to check my Flist , the forums and read fanfic! And check out all beautiful photos at PBase. 

 When I´m at home I like to edit photos, specially now with all the stuff from London waiting. 

So my job doesn´t 100% suck. The paycheck is nice too... 

We´ll see where I´ll end up when they shut down this machine next autumn/winter, might not have Internet access where ever I´ll go. I hope they don´t sack me though! 

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May. 18th, 2008 02:37 am Argh, too many photos is baaad!!

4884 photos, that´s what I snapped in London. 58 GB on the backup-device. Now I have to edit them, too. 

190 done so far.

  This is going to take a lot of time.  And I want to snap more pics: bugs and flowers, our trip to Finland this summer, at the papermill. 

I don´t have time to work.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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May. 14th, 2008 11:06 pm Work for pie?

Wednesday 14/5

Snapped pics for "real" money for the first time today. Photos, headshots,  of 3 collies. They´re going to be used for a template to a tattoo... Cool

 SEK 100, equals GB£ 8-ish  A rhubarb-pie and icecream + the last pennies for my new hoodie. I´m addicted to hoodies. ;O) Don´t think I´ll get rich as a photographer, but pie is good!

And some of my pics from the local fashion-show will be in a paper and they´ll credit the photographer too. Probably will misspell my name, everybody does.
I forgot that I tried out the new camera in poor lighting at that show. I was in training for "The Waterfall Tour".

Now I´ll edit some James´s, or birds... Hard to decide ´cause the birds are beautiful too

Jill, [info]lovejames     posted a report from the Union Chapel concert. I really enjoy reading them. She remembers everybodys names and all. I don´t. I just float around and snap pics... LOL. 

Hmm, need some tea and sandwiches before my nightsession of photo-editing... Good plan. After the nightshifts I can keep to those work hours.

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May. 7th, 2008 10:44 pm Started posting pics

Just what I said. There are stuff up in my PBase, from all the Jamesy events. I like the Milton Keynes ones best. Don´t have to edit them at all, just a bit sharpening/ levels. Nice!


And now I´ll jump over to the touristy stuff, some monkeys or otters parhaps, they´re so damn cute, almost as James...

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May. 3rd, 2008 09:17 am Day 7-8 in London

Quick one here,

Thursday, spend the day with sis. We took the tube to Covent Garden and picked up our musical tickets. Strolled around the market and then off to British Museum. The Asian galleries this time. Some lunch at the museum and then we walked Oxford Street back to the hotel. Shopped some clothes on the way, had a James poster 12 x 18' made at Snappy Snaps, one of the Borderline pics that I made sepia of in the camera. That way it was saved as a jpg and I could get it printed. I think it looked cool ;O) 

Well, quick change of clothes and walk back to Marbla Arch to pick up the poster. Then we had a snack at the cafe at Foleys book store before "We Will Rock You" It was a good one, but the sound wasn't 100%, hard to hear the dialogue.

After that we walked back to Paddington again, much nicer in the evening without all people on the streets! I think i got 19 km's on the stepcounter. And slept the whole night through! 

Friday,  Walked to London Zoo, through Regent Park and Queen Marys Garden. Such a nice place with the pond and all the roses. Would be nice to visit when everything is in bloom! Saw almost all the animals I missed at my first visit to the zoo. The butterflies were beautiful. We got a REAL bad rainshower when we were inside the butterfly house, so had to stay for an half hour in the humid heat. But I got pics of most of the beauties while we waited for the rain to stop!

Decided to not have lunch at the Zoo, walked to Great Portland Street tube station, got sis a Oyster card on the way too. Tube to Embarkment, visited London Eye again and had lunch, an asian buffe at Chopsticks. Eat all you want for 6,99£. I didn't, saved some space for coffee and cake at a nice patisserie near Union Chapel. 

And then there was James, a happy healthy James this time. I think he has fully recovered from his stomach bug now. he chatted as usual between the songs and didn't rush through the songs this time. We got 3 covers for encore, Chocolate jesus, Picture in a Frame an  that lullaby, Baby Blue (?) he uses to sing now and then. That Benmark guy who was the warm up was good too! Bought his CD and got it signed too.
Don't know if I like most of my pics, I think they look a bit blurry/noisy... We'll see when I get them into the 'puter at home. The Benmark pics were better, there were still some natural light through the windows when he was on stage.

A pub-visit with the Swedish girls and Dawn and Lou after that and back at the hotel at half past 12. And I'm sore after all that photography. The Zoo and 1,5 hours at UC, hard on my poor hands... BUT  so worth it. And there are Ibuprofen. 750 pics snapped at UC, parhaps liked 10 ? of them.... Hmm

We are off to Herrods and the museums in Kensington today. We were planning Spamalot for tonight but I think we'll jump that. Have to get up 5 o'clock tomorrow morning for the bus to Milton Keynes. Want to sleep a few hours too. And pack up my stuff. Haven't shopped much, so everything should fit in the suitcase. Might shop a bit in Milton Keynes if I have time. Dawn is going to buy the autograph tickets for me, so I don't have to queu for that at least.

Over and out. 

And I hope I'm at home when I update this the next time, on Monday evening I guess. Might try to post some pics or have them in PBase on Monday. We'll see.

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May. 2nd, 2008 08:57 am Day 6 (or 7) in London

 Spend the day with little sis. We took the tube to Covent Garden to pick up our tickets for "We Will Rock You" in the evening. Strolled around the market, got another of those nice batik t-shirts that I like. 

We walked to British Museum it the quite nice weather ( no rain!) This time we checked out the Asian section and I snapped some pics again (Duh, what else) Had some lunch in the cafe and walked back to the hotel in Paddington, but we shopped on the way! Got a nice sweater and a blouse at M&S, sister spend a bit, too. We walked by the Snappy Snap at Marble Arch and i decided to get a poster of one of the Borderline pics that I had edited into a sepia in the camera = it was a jpg. 12x18 of Jamesy goodness, going to have it signed at Collectormania I guess, if I get a autograph ticket. 

Well, a quicki visit at the hotel to leave the shopping-bags and change clothes and then we walked back to Marble Arch to pick up the poster, NICE!  Took the tube to Tottenham Court Road, had a quick bite at the cafe at Foleys before the musical started.

It was good! But the sound wasn't quite 100% I think. Hard to  hear the dialogue. I think I liked Mama Mia better. Probably well see Spamalot on Saturday if I get tickets for that. 

Well, walk back to the hotel again, I thing we walked 19 km's yesterday, sis looked a bit pooped! And for the first time this week I slept the whole night through! YEY!

I'm at the internet cafe now, sis is having her morning rituals at the hotel, I discovered yesterday that she needed 1 hour to get ready, so after my quick "put the head under the water and ruffle" prep's for the day I'm surfing a bit before we will head for the Zoo again! And then Union Chapel!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We'll see if I have time for a report tonight. 

Over and out from London

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Apr. 30th, 2008 11:02 pm Day 5 in London, Borderline and rainy queuing

Day started 3 o'clock in the morning, woke up and couldn't go to sleep again. Swell! 

Bribed the housekeeping to move my luggage to the room I'm about to share with little sis for the coming 4 nights, then I didn't have to get back to the hotel in the afternoon and could spend my day at the British Museum. Got some nice pics again. And went to Jessops and bought another 8 GB memory card for my camera. Just can't format the cards with James on, don't really trust the backup-device. So, I'm paranoid about losing my pics ;O) Nothing new there, I don't erase anything Jamesy until I have it on at least 2 computers and burned on DVD's...

Had some lunch at the museum before heading for Borderline. The queue wasn't too bad, parhaps 20 people in front of me. Some of the ladies had arrived 7 in the morning, I was there at 14.30. I'd say they wasted their time.

 Did I mention the rain? Oh, yes it rained. A lot. I bought an umbrella for my camera backpack, but we fitted 5 person under it in the worst showers.AND  the camera. Got some of those free newspapers to sit on, not too bad. Kept warm with lots of hot coffee from Nero. Just jean kept me company, it was her birthday and she had got the tickets as pressies, nice! 

Spikes Babe and one of her friend turned up after a few hours and the time flew by like nothing. The rain stopped for a little while and we saw the blue sky. Then it started again. I think we got in just in right time. I got a nice spot for photography and the lights REALLY sucked!!! Blue, everything was blue including James, so I'll say most of my pics will be in b/w. But I used flash for the first 2-3 songs and a little while in the end. On those pics you could really see that James wasn't well. Dark under the eyes ans SO skinny. He'd spend a few days in the bathroom and shared his bugs with Steve...  Bwahaha!!

He looked knackered but did ok, though no talking between the songs. I don't think he was really well yet. The Q&A was a long and nice one, someone else has to write about it, though. Bad memory here... And I finally got to hear him sin Chocolate Jesus, one of my favourites ! And Picture in a Frame, too... He was good like I said. 

It was hot down there, James was very sweaty and so were most of us in the audience. Some people had to go out for fresh air but strangely enough I was OK, must be all the walking the last days, my legs are so swollen so it keeps the blood up in my brain. My arms and right hand are sore like hell, though but I'm sure they are fit for fight for Union Chapel! 

Did I mention the one pic that was like WOW!!! Just that one was worth the whole rainy queuing and all!!! (Insert big squee here)

Over and out from London, heading for the hotel now...

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Apr. 29th, 2008 06:04 pm RAiny Tuesday in London

It has been raining on /off for the whole day. Not too bad though, I could still snap photos. Took the tube to Tower Bridge, had the tour and snapped lots of photos from the Walkway 40 meters up ( and the lift didn't work when I got there, great exercise. 

Then I had lunch at Dim T, a chinese restaurant, walked along Thames to London Eye, the Parliement and then to Trafalger Square. Had  tea somewhere on the way too + found tickets to "We Will  Rock You" for Thursday evening, half price and all. Tired of walking and the tube back to Paddington. Only 13 km's on the stepcounter so far. But the day isn't over yet... Might go to Queensway for a movie later. We'll see.

Have to switch rooms at the hotel tomorrow, gonna share a double room with sis for the last 4 nights in London. But the check in is at 1 o'clock so I can do thet before leaving for Borderline.

Well, movies/ or if the rain stops  one of those London by night sightseeings at half past nine. We'll see. They drive by all lit up landmarks and stuff. Sounds fun if it's one of those open top buses so I can snap photos. But it might be chilly... 

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Apr. 27th, 2008 07:30 pm Day 3 in London

 Cloudy and a bit rain today. Went to Kew Gardens, turned back outside the gates, it started to rain! No use paying 10 +£  in entrance and no photography possibilities due to the rain. SO I went back to South Kensington Station and walked through Hyde Park back to the hotel. The rain stopped when I got to that Albert memorial, so I snapped some photos. Actually a f____ lot of pics! The memorial, some lovely cherrytrees in bloom, flowers and the squirrels. Got some nice ones. 
Then I had dinner at TukTuk, a thai restaurant. Wonderful roasted duck and fried veggies. Going there again!  It was cheap too.

I'm really tired, fell asleep browsing throug my photos in the camera! So got a 2 hour nap, too. Tomorrow I'm off to the London Zoo, but the weather forecast said rain and cooler weather, we'll see where it ends... 

End of report for today. Over and out

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Apr. 26th, 2008 10:13 pm Day 2 in London

The Rift was sweaty and chaotic + NO James concert in the evening. We were waiting and waiting 'till 9 o'clock when Steve got on the stge and announced that James was sick and couldn't perform. He had caught some fluebug. Hope he is OK 'till Wednesday. 

Kai Owen and Gareth were entertaining for almost an hour, but that's still not James. Those who wanted got a 20 refund. Hey, doesn't cover the stay 'till the next concert on Wednesday, I keep my fingers crossed that James is OK until that. 

Got nice pics today. James were in 2 Q&A's, alone and with Gareth. Then the photo-option, that was chaos (like most stuff today, did I tell about the queuing for an extra half hour in this hot room, they didn't want the queu outside blocking the pavement.) Everybody were queuing for the photo-tickets from the merchandise-table, until someone came up to tell that you paid in the room where the photos were taken. Mad rush to the next place.

Got my album signed by James, he liked it and were looking throug the pics, laughed when he saw the ones from him and Gareth arriving to the Point + the pic I snapped of them up on the balcony where the photo option was. Me like...

There were stuff going on all the time, didn't have time to get lunch, had a bag of chips. Got out for sushi at 4 o'clock when there were a quiet break.

Then I went out with some friends for their dinner, I was still stuffed and had coffee and icecream. 

When we got back to the Hall,  we waited for 1,5 hour until Steve came out and announced : No concert. I' m diappointed and hope that James didn't catch anything serious. What if he can't do the other concerts?

Well, have to keep an eye on JMLive for announcements. Tired now, don't have time for spellcheck, sorry :o)

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